Shop our large selection of Glock 42 magazine extensions. From plus one, plus two, and plus 3 Glock 42 extensions. Whether you want lightweight polymer or tried-and-true machine-billeted aluminum, you'll find the right one for you. Have questions? Contact one of our product specialists today.

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  • Glock 42 magazine extension Glock 42 mag extension Glock 42 magazine extension plus one

    Pearce Grips

    Pearce Grip Glock 42 +1 Magazine Extension

    This is the Peace Grip Glock 42 plus one magazine extension, which adds a 1 round grip extension to your G42 pistol. Replacing the factory Glock 42 magazine baseplate, this polymer extension gives this popular EDC pistol increased capacity, control, and...

  • glock 42 magazine extension glock 42 mag extension glock 42 magazine extension plus two

    Strike Industries

    Strike EMP Glock 42 +2 Magazine Extension

    This is the Strike Glock 42 magazine extension, which adds 2 rounds to your factory G42 magazine.  Its lightweight polymer body offers increased capacity and durability you can count on. Its stippled grip matches the Glock 42 pistol grip - giving...

  • Glock 42 plus one extension

    Taran Tactical Innovations

    Taran Tactical Glock 42 +2 Magazine Extension

    This is the Taran Tactical Glock 42 magazine extension. This adds 2 rounds to your factory magazine.  This Glock extension is manufactured from Taran Tactical's premium adonized aluminum, bringing G42 owners enhanced durability and capacity...

3 of 3 Items