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  • SIG P320 magazine extension Sig Sauer P320 magazine extension P320 magazine extension P320 mag extension

    Strike Industries

    Strike EMP Sig Sauer P320, P250 9mm +5 Magazine Extension

    This is the Strike EMP SIG P320 magazine extension, which adds an extra 5 rounds to factory P320/P250 9mm magazines.  Made of advanced, lightweight polymer, this extension offers greater capacity for most factory P320 9mm magazines. With its steel...

  • SIG P320 magazine extension

    Taran Tactical Innovations

    Taran Tactical Sig Sauer P320, P250 +5/3 Magazine Extension

    This is the Taran Tactical SIG P320 magazine extension, which adds 3/5 rounds to your factory P320 magazine. Manufactured from hard-coat adonized aluminum, this TTI SIG mag extension brings added capacity and durability to your SIG pistols. With a unique...

  • sig p365 magazine extension p365 magazine extension p365 grip extension

    Pearce Grips

    Pearce Grip Sig Sauer P365 Magazine Grip Extension

    This is the Pearce Grip SIG P365 +5/8" magazine extension, which adds an extra 5/8 inch to your Sig Sauer P365 magazine. This SIG P365 magazine extension replaces the factory magazine baseplate, and does not interfere with other factory...

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