About You

Yes, About You.

We place the utmost priority on you, the customer. Making sure you get the best service and firearm accessories is at the core of everything we do.

Unwavering Service

We keep it simple - Customer is king. We'll be there to assist you, before and long after the sale. Not satisfied with your purchase? We provide a 60-day return policy, no questions asked. 

Dependable Products

To ensure you get the most reliable products, we're committed to understand both your needs and what drives you. That means not only demanding the best from ourselves, but listening to you as we look to improve our product offerings and service. From mag-dumping on range days, to protecting your life and the lives of others at home, we only carry products that we would recommend to our own family.


Now, a little About Us 

MagExtensions specializes in providing high-performance firearm magazine extensions for America's gunowners. Our products provide the "extra edge" that comes with just a few extra rounds. Be sure to #PackMorePunch with reliable magazine and grip extensions from premier brands, like Taran Tactical Innovations, Shield Arms, and more.